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Cosmoplast is a leading plastics manufacturer that incorporates its values of service and reliability with quality products. Founded in 1970, Cosmoplast pioneered the supply of building materials, infrastructure products and consumer goods in the emerging markets of the Middle East.

At the outset, Cosmoplast started with the production of transport crates and polyethylene bags and today the company has grown to be the Middle East’s largest and most diversified consumer products, pipes, and well casing manufacturer. Renowned for the product range that includes plastic household and outdoor appliances, disposable tableware, aluminum, cling film, paper products, hygienic products, containers, packaging, and pipes and fittings that are sold in retail outlets, hypermarkets, supermarkets, sporting goods, hardware and specialty stores in more than 65 countries worldwide.

Cosmoplast’s headquarters are based in the United Arab Emirates with complete manufacturing facilities in the United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United States of America, and CIS that convert over 220,000 metric tons of plastic material into finished goods each year in state-of-the-art facilities.

With over 5,000 personnel employed throughout the Middle East and Europe, the key to the company’s success is a combination of superior leadership and a diverse workforce who are dedicated to innovation, quality and customer satisfaction.



Our products are developed around People and the Planet.


Our R&D and Product Development team focuses on inspirations when developing products: Safety, Comfort, Environment, Quality, and Sustainability.


Cosmoplast products are initiated with hand-sketching aesthetically prominent conceptual ideas.


We progress with iterating our 3D models, until we assure feasibility of DFMA (Design for Manufacturing and Assembly). With in-house rapid prototyping capabilities, our consumer products are 3D printed, validated, and patented prior to launch.


Lifestyle, modernization, and user-friendliness are communicated through all Cosmoplast products.


Cosmoplast's sustainability comes from our emphasis on waste management and recycling programs.

Our Story

Cosmoplast is established in Sharjah, UAE, becoming one of the first in the region to manufacture injection and blow molded products. Cosmoplast penetrates the market through production of beverage crates for Pepsi and Coca Cola, followed by jerry cans. With the success realized, Cosmoplast expands its production to household items, namely buckets and basins. 

Following a decade of strong growth, Cosmoplast starts production of a variety of household products, outdoor furniture, and waste bins. In addition, KeepCold, a Cosmoplast brand, is introduced to produce water coolers and ice boxes.

After becoming the leading plastic manufacturer in U.A.E., Cosmoplast enters Saudi Arabia, Oman, Europe, and North America, through setting up manufacturing plants and branches.

Cosmoplast further expands its product range by manufacturing storage, laundry, kitchen, and children products. With this, Cosmoplast becomes a leader in most retail chains across the GCC region.

Cosmoplast further invests in product development and R&D departments, and continues to expand in coolers & ice boxes, storage, laundry, kitchen, waste management, children, and garden products. In addition, a new rattan series is launched for waste, storage, and laundry products that combines environmental factors coupled with simplicity, beauty, and practicality.

Cosmoplast introduces new colors with elegant textures. Additionally, a new generation of storage and outdoor products are released to support the growth of existing market including Europe and Africa.